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Mind Mapping for Student Engagement and Radiant Thinking

Tap into your Students' Brain Power with Mind Maps®. This program is based on the work of Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps® and leading expert on learning and the brain.

Mind Mapping in the Classroom
Unleash Unleash your students’ Brain Power!!!!!
Suitable for both early and middle years teachers


Tapping into the way brain actually works, Mind Mapping allows ideas to radiate from a central focus while providing a holistic picture of the situation. This program looks at the practical application of Mind Mapping in the classroom and participants will:

  • learn the nature of radiant thinking and how mind mapping taps into the way the brain works
  • learn the powerful technique of authentic Mind Maps®
  • develop Mind Maps® that capture complete concepts and develop new ideas
  • learn to teach your students to develop brain power by capturing and comprehending information more easily and with greater completeness and clarity
  • explore and see Practical classroom applications
  • Mind Maps automatically inspire interest in the students, thus making them more receptive and co-operative in the classroom
  • Mind Maps make lessons and presentations more spontaneous, creative and enjoyable, both for the teacher and the students.
  • Rather than remaining relatively rigid as the years go by, the teacher's notes are flexible and adaptable. In these times of rapid change and development, the teacher needs to be able to alter and add to teaching notes quickly and easily.
  • Because Mind Maps tend to present only relevant material in a clear and memorable form, students tend to get better marks in examinations.
  • Unlike linear text, Mind Maps show not just the facts but the relations between those facts, thus giving the students a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • The physical volume of lecture notes is dramatically reduced.
  • Mind Maps are especially useful for children with 'learning difficulties', particularly dyslexia. By freeing the child of the 'tyranny of semantics', which often accounts for 90 per cent of the difficulty, the Mind Map allows the child a far more natural, complete, and accelerated self expression.


Jennifer Goddard - Buzan Master Trainer


1 day workshop


Available as an in house PD Session at your school.

Also see dates for our Buzan Study Skills Program

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