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Master Your Memory by Tony Buzan



Book Review

Would you like to:

  • Double your current memory capacity?
  • Be able to remember perfectly a list of 100 objects in under 2 hours?
  • Expand your memory and knowledge of the world’s greatest artists, composers and writers?
  • Remember telephone and other numbers?
  • Remember anything you wanted to?

Master your Memory, part of Tony Buzan’s revolutionary new Mind Set series, is designed to help you do just that.

This Millennium edition of Master your Memory introduces you to the last great memory invention of the previous millennium – the Self – Enhancing Master Memory Matrix (SEM³). This technique will allow you to memorise anything from ten to fifty thousand items with comparative ease, while at the same time exercising and improving your Memory Muscle.

Those who master their memories accomplish a major mental skill, boost their confidence, raise their IQ'’ and achieve greater success in all aspects of life. Join them by reading and applying the principles outlined in this remarkable (and memorable) book.

Tony Buzan is a world authority on the brain, memory, creativity, and speed-reading and inventor of the now world – famous Mind Maps®. He is President of the Brain Foundation and founder of the Brain Trust Charity, the World Memory Championships and the World Championships of the Brain.

“How I wish that I had discovered these memory techniques earlier in life... This book will teach you how to learn in the most enjoyable way – but be warned, it can become quite addictive!”
Dr. Susan Whiting, multiple Women’s World Memory Champion




The latest book from Tony Buzan
with Buzan Centre co-founder
Jennifer Goddard

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