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The following titles are avidly recommended - they will help you on your journey to utilise Mind Maps® and your brain to the fullest and to be more mentally literate!!!

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The Most Important Graph in the World


The Most Important Graph in the World - the 7.5 memory principles for personal and business success is Tony Buzan's life work, captured in partnership with Buzan Centre co-founder and Senior Buzan Master Trainer Jennifer Goddard.

Get a copy signed by Jennifer when you buy it here.

The Most Important Graph in the World reveals the secrets of how to apply principles of memory to drive business and personal success.

The Most Important Graph in the World unleashes powerful truths about our memory and how we learn and behave. Discover how you can use this knowledge to deliver presentations and speeches with real impact, make your PR and marketing resonate, raise your social and emotional IQ, develop your creativity and intelligence, maximise your time, and create a more meaningful, memorable life.

The people and organisations that already understand and employ the power of this graph are the leaders in their respective fields. Learn the secrets behind the success of renowned orators, Olympic athletes and international business magnates through this single graph.

The Most Important Graph in the World won't just change your perspective, it will change your life.

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The Buzan Study Skills Handbook

The Shortcut to Success in your Studies with Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Winning Memory Techniques


In Buzan's Study Skills, three of Tony Buzan's most enduring subjects - Memory, Speed Reading and Mind Mapping - are combined in a single guide to enable students to make the most of their studies.


Improve grades, make more effective notes, plan better essays, make associations between different subjects, have at-a-glance notes and records for easy revision, learn how to use effective memory techniques to recall information and increase reading speeds up to 1000 words per minute.


The perfect guide for any student who wants to get more from their studies, improve their brainpower, consolidate their concentration and learn from the master of memory - Tony Buzan


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Brain Training for Kids by Tony Buzan and Jennifer Goddard,
with original artwork by Vicki Matthews is full of fun things to help your amazing brain and help you become a lifelong learner!

Dive into this pool of puzzles and let your mind swim about.
Solve all sorts of brainteasers, word searches, memory games and Mind Maps

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Buzan Bites - Brilliant Memory - Unlock the Power of Your Mind

by Tony Buzan


We all have the ability to remember as much – or as little – as we wish and in this bite-sized book Tony Buzan outlines easy-to-follow techniques so we can all supercharge our memories and make memory problems features of the past.

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Buzan Bites - Mind Mapping – Kick-Start Your Creativity and Transform Your Life

by Tony Buzan


Created by Tony Buzan during his student days, the Mind Map® is a powerful tool that for faster and smarter brainstorming, problem solving, planning, note taking, revision and much more. In this bite-sized book, designed for busy people, Tony Buzan introduces the principles, techniques and applications of Mind Mapping.

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Buzan Bites - Speed Reading – Accelerate Your Speed and Understanding for Success

By Tony Buzan


In this bite-sized book, Tony Buzan draws on his trade mark speed reading techniques to enable you to accelerate your reading speed and transform you ability to understand information at work, during study and in your leisure time.

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The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps
by Tony Buzan
Colour illustrated throughout, this definitive guide is packed full of examples of amazing thinking tools and practical Mind Map examples, including running a meeting, preparing for an interview, starting up a new venture, planning family events, shopping for gifts, designing a garden, getting fit, and writing a speech for a wedding.

It can even help you plan your ideal future!

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Embracing Change:  Essential Steps to Make Your Future Today
by Tony Buzan

Change is a feature of our lives. It happens all around
us, throughout every millisecond of our lives. Your entire
mind body system is designed not only to deal with change - but  to thrive on it.

In EMBRACING CHANGE Tony Buzan offers a positive approach, drawing on his highly effective Mind Mapping techniques, to help you understand change and be proactive in handling it. Whatever your circumstances, Tony enables you to develop belief in your ability to live with and manage the effects of change in your personal and working lives by guiding you through the process of recognizing who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve so that through all periods of change you find success.

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Mind Maps for Kids: Memory & Concentration
show kids how to:
- Memorise anything permanently.
- Absorb facts, figures and formulas with ease.
- Improve concentration and save time.
- Learn names, events, poems and lines.
- Recall information under pressure.
- Grow in self confidence and ability.

Book three in the series! 

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Mind Maps At Work:
How to Be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play

Tony Buzan’s manual to achieving success and satisfaction at work will help you unlock your creative genius and stand out from the best.
Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and his empowering new book shows you how to use this incredible thinking tool to excel in every area of your work.

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The shortcut to exam success.

Cut revision time in half with double the results!

Rev Up for Revision will help kids:


·  Improve memory and concentration

·  Pass exams with flying colours

·  Remember facts and figures with ease   

·  Plan answers calmly during exams

·  Make revision fun and enjoyable

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 MIND MAPS FOR KIDS: The Shortcut to Success at School

Tony Buzan has been teaching children all over the world for the past thirty years. Mind Maps for Kids is his first book written specially for a younger audience, suitable for ages 7 to 14.

Mind Mapping is a breakthrough system of planning and note-taking that cuts homework time in half and makes schoolwork fun. Mind Maps are THE magic formula in the classroom: remembering facts and figures is a piece of cake, planning is a doddle and getting stuck for an answer is a thing of the past.

In Mind Maps for Kids, Tony Buzan - the inventor of the Mind Map - explains this amazing system using step-by-step examples in every subject across the curriculum. He shows just how easy Mind Mapping is and how it can help kids to:

  • remember things
  • make clearer and better notes
  • revise
  • come up with ideas
  • unlock the imagination
  • save time
  • concentrate
  • and ace exams!

Mind Maps for Kids is a full colour workbook, with the emphasis on having fun. As well as tips for improving memory and concentration, the book is packed with jokes, cartoons and brainteasers. Tony Buzan shows how Mind Maps can be used for all sorts of things outside the classroom - from planning a party to designing a dream bedroom.

Mind Mapping is the shortcut to success that puts kids one step (and sometimes miles!) ahead.

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HOW TO MIND MAP: The Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life

Mind Maps are the ultimate thinking tool for maximising your brainpower and radically improving your performance. Mind Mapping is a revolutionary system of planning and note taking that has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world.

How to Mind Map is THE definitive guide to Mind Maps brought to you by their inventor Tony Buzan. This practical pocket guide explains everything you need to know about mind maps and shows how they make it easy to:

  • Get started on and plan a project
  • Think up brilliant ideas
  • Remember things
  • Save time
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The Mind Map Book 

Radiant Thinking, the major evolution in human thought - Tony Buzan and Barry Buzan 

The comprehensive guide to Mind Maps® by the inventor himself.  Beautifully illustrated, exciting new ways to use and improve your memory, concentration and creativity in planning an structuring thought on all levels.

Available in two editions; a standard edition, and a Large colour format.

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The Speed Reading Book

A completely new approach based on techniques which use the brain and eyes more effectively to quicken reading speed and increase comprehension, while at the same time expanding your general knowledge.

Book Review   

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Hidden Gold

Availability of computer service increased from 80% to 99-100%, without major expenditure.

Time to produce reports reduced from 8-11 weeks to 11 days. ("Absolutely impossible" - a senior manager said just before the start of the project).

Staff turnover reduced from 59% to 10-12% a year, saving millions.

Expenditure of $2,000,000 for new systems avoided.

Rework reduced from 30% to 5% of total work, in just two weeks.

Delivery times reduced from eight days to overnight.

Unnecessary expenditure of $5000 a month identified and eliminated in four hours of team work.

Productivity increased by 400 person- hours/day by eliminating unnecessary work with commensurate increase in job satisfaction and decrease in overtime costs.

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with Buzan Centre co-founder
Jennifer Goddard

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