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Licensed Instructor Courses



In 2016 Mindwerx International will be offering Licensed Instructor courses designed by Master Trainers Jennifer Goddard and Bill Jarrard. Courses we'll offer will include:

  • Mind Mapping to Get Things Done
  • Range & Rapid Reading to Accelerate Learning
  • Memory & Memorability
  • Applied Creativity & Innovation

These programs will be offered in face-to-face, blended, and fully online formats.  If you want to make 2016 a year of change and success, contact us on info@mindwerx.com to indicate your interest.


Licensed Instructor Course

Are you looking to build a new career or transform your performance in your professional or personal life? Would you like to join the world's leading experts on creativity and advanced learning techniques?

Then participate in these Mindwerx Licensed Instructor Courses and we'll equip you to deliver your own courses or enhance your existing career.

  • Get the most up to date and comprehensive qualifications yet with these flagship accredited courses from Mindwerx
  • Acquire the complete set of skills you need to creatively generate solutions to meet all challenges, and share these with others as a Mindwerx accredited instructor
  • Once accredited, create your own courses on the skills & techniques you have learned

Frequently asked questions.


What benefits do I receive as a Licensed Instructor?

As a Mindwerx Licensed Instructor you become one of our highly regarded and up to date trainers. We provide you with a range of resources to assist you in your endeavours to train others and incorporate what you learn into your day to day life. These resources include:

  • Access to ready-made courses with agendas, materials and content so you can deliver your own content straight away.
  • All course materials and books relevant to the courses you attend
  • Exclusive direct contact with Mindwerx master trainers for continued support and help

To continue with the full benefits you get as a Mindwerx Licensed Instructor we will liaise with you annually to see how things are going, and provide any support needed. If you wish to continue practicing as a Licensed Instructor, you will need to renew the Licensed Instructor agreement annually.

What does the accreditation allow me to do?

As a fully qualified Licensed Instructor your accreditation will allow you to train others in what you have learnt throughout the courses. You will be able to:

  • Create your own courses specific to your client or audience
  • Train others officially under the Mindwerx brand and provide your course attendees with Mindwerx certificates
  • Integrate the techniques you have developed into your existing work to ensure your effectiveness

Who should take the course?

The course has been formulated for anyone who wants to improve their way of thinking, whether you are business, education or personal goal orientated.

However the Licensed Instructor is primarily aimed those who are already trainers, teachers, or coaches, in order to add another dimension to their business.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

Prior to the course starting we will send you some pre-workshop reading and exercises and will require 10-25 hours of self-study before we start formally working directly with you. Our aim in these licensing courses is to take your skills to a new level and equip you with resources you can use to achieve your goals. 

We therefore expect that in whatever courses you participate you'll be putting significant effort in outside of the time you spend directly with us. Be prepared to invest at least 100 hours of work to achieve an accreditation with Mindwerx, of which only about 20-25 hours will be working directly with Jennifer or Bill.

Who are the Trainers for the course?

Mindwerx Licensed Instructor courses are facilitated by Mindwerx Founders and Master Trainers Jennifer Goddard and Bill Jarrard

Jennifer and Bill have been training instructors in Tony Buzan's techniques since 2001 as the Buzan Centre in Australia, and are the creators of the Mindwerx creativity and innovation programs. Between them they have more than 40 years experience in training others, and facilitating groups of all sorts.

Jennifer is also co-author with Tony on a couple of books, and was editor of his Biography, so she likely has a better appreciation of his work than anyone else in the world.  Bill has also worked closely with Tony, as well as Edward de Bono the when the de Bono Institute was started.

How long is the course?

Courses run in various formats - face-to-face, blended, and fully online with about 20-25 hours working directly with Bill and Jennifer.  All formats require 75-100 hours of self study, depending on the skills you already have.  This is much like the effort required for the Master degree subject on Creativity & Innovation Bill has been lecturing since 2000. 

I previously did a BLI Course in Australia, is this the same course?

Yes and No. These course takes everything we learnt when we ran the Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI) courses, and added a lot more. 

If you qualified as a BLI or a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI), you likely will have many of the core skills needed to become a Mindwerx Licensed Instructor.  But we will take those skills to a new level, and give you the skills to turn your talent into real success.

How do I book and make payment for the course?

If you believe becoming a Mindwerx Licensed Instructor is right for you, contact us on info@mindwerx.com and let's discuss your situation. 




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