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The need for Mental Training

Mental training, like physical training, is a skill you can easily develop and has a host of practical benefits. When you train your memory and train your imagination, there is a remarkable increase in concentration, study skills and creativity, while at the same time raising your IQ.

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Benefits of training your memory...

When properly applied, memory techniques allow you to:

  • Remember names and faces of people you meet. The sweetest word in the English Language is the sound of your own name. Remembering the names of the people you meet is vital for business networking and relationship building.
  • Retain information from training sessions. Around 80% of annual training budgets are wasted because people forget the information covered during training sessions. Increase the value of training sessions by increasing your recall.
  • Remember lists - whether it is a to do list, a shopping list, or a list of things employees must do in case of emergency, these techniques greatly improve peoples ability to remember items in sequence.

Tip:- Use Mind Maps® to aid your recall in many situations - meetings, seminars, books or professional journals.

Memory Championships around the World

Those who attend a National Championship can then participate in the World Memory Championships www.worldmemorychampionships.com which will be held in different countries each year.

For information on the Australian Memory Championships please email jennifer@buzan.com.au

Did you know...
Memory techniques have been around for thousands of years but it is only in recent times that competitive memory events have emerged.

The first official memory competitions began in the 1990s when international author and lecturer Tony Buzan organised the first World Memory Championships in London, UK in 1991.


Tony, a leading authority on thinking and the brain, worked with memorisers to create a set of rules and standards for the different disciplines which today form the basis of memory competitions throughout the world.


Jennifer Goddard found out about these events and founded the Australian Memory Championships in 2001.


Now in its eighth year, the Australian Memory Championships continue to be organised and sponsored by the Buzan Centre Australia/NZ and Mindwerx International.

Jennifer is now the only Senior Arbiter Level 3 for the World Memory Championships - a fancy name for she who organises things at the highest level.

Memory sports continue to grow in popularity worldwide. Every year competitors travel from around the globe to compete at The World Memory Championships.


Thailand Open Memory Championships
Bangkok, 4 July 2008


Memory Championships - Press releases and Info




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