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About Mind Maps®

The new millennium is being called the Millennium of the mind, and Mind Mapping® is becoming widely accepted in schools, industry and government. The great advantage of a Mind Map® is that it literally "maps" the way your brain sees and creates connections; once mastered, it brings incredible clarity and ease to any decision-making process, using all of the ways your brain processes information - word, image, logic, number, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness, so that you are literally thinking with your whole brain.

Mind Mapping® is a powerful technique used by millions - discover its power today! The advantages of Mind Maps®, such as those shown here, are many:

  • The relative importance of each idea is clearly indicated by how near it is to the centre, which clearly features the main idea.
  • The links between key concepts will be immediately obvious from their proximity and connection to one another. The brain works primarily with key concepts that it links and integrates. Mind Maps® work in the same way, meaning that recall and review will be faster and more effective.
  • The nature of the Mind Map® structure allows for the easy addition of new information.
  • Each Mind Map® has its own unique pattern, which further aids recall.
  • The open-ended nature of the Mind Map® is a great aid to creativity, allowing the brain to make new and exciting connections with ease.
  • With practice, you'll find Mind Maps® help you to be your best in every thinking situation.

Mind Maps®

Uses Benefits
  • Reduce those 'tons of work'.
  • Feel good about study, revision and exams.
  • Have confidence in your learning abilities
  • See the whole picture, the global view, at once.
  • Understand the links and connections
  • Focus on the task for better results
  • Using all your cortical skills attracts your attention
  • Easy recall
  • 'See' the information in your mind's eye
  • Easy recall
  • Be on top of all the details for parties, holidays, projects or any other subject
  • Speeches are clear, relaxed and alive. You can be at your best
  • In all forms with clarity and conciseness
  • From planning to agenda, to chairing, to taking the minutes...the jobs are completed with speed and efficiency
  • From preparation to presentation, they make the job easier and much faster
  • Having a method to analyse thoughts - almost a 'way station' for them
  • All issues, your position and maneuverability on one sheet
Brain Blooming
  • The new brain-storming in which more thoughts are generated and appropriately assessed.

Come along to a Mind Mapping workshop or organise one for your organisation now!

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