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In 2001 Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard Co-founders of Mindwerx International established the Buzan Centre in Australia.

They are proud to present Tony Buzan's official Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading, Enhanced Memory, Study Skills, and other training and certification programs.

The goal of Tony Buzan and the Buzan Centres is to enable an “operations manual for the Human Brain” to be made available to as many people as possible throughout the world. 

We are achieving this through: Keynote speeches; the media; publications; Software and training courses

Mind Mapping

for Business and Personal Success

Developed by Tony Buzan - Mind Maps® are one of the most powerful and useful tools in the Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking™ arsenal, and one of the most under-used. Tapping into the way brain actually works, Mind Mapping allows ideas to radiate from a central focus while providing a holistic picture of the situation.

Study Skills

Based on “The Buzan Study Skills Handbook”, and incorporating the unique BOST program, this highly interactive workshop will provide you with the confidence and the means to fulfill your own study potential – what ever your subjects or academic level.

Workshops and Training

Memory and Being Memorable

You will develop your powerful latent potential for recalling facts, names and faces. You will read and enjoy books with near total recall weeks later. Master memory systems with state-of-the-art information on how your magnificent brain operates to give you the memory edge.
Range and Speed Reading

Reading 1000 words a minute with full comprehension has become a necessary business skill. Buzan's Speed and Range Reading techniques combined with Mind Mapping helps you effectively manage information, enabling you to keep one step ahead.

Our events, programs, talks and courses are designed specifically to help you or your team upgrade your Neck-top Computer. Dates and locations...

Accreditation in Buzan Learning Techniques for:

  • Company In-House Trainers
  • Experienced Independent Trainers
  • Teachers and Educationalists

Consulting and Facilitation in:

Learn to Teach Others to Mind Map and Learn to Learn

  "Learning how to learn is the most important skill"
Tony Buzan




The latest book from Tony Buzan
with Buzan Centre co-founder
Jennifer Goddard

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ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor

11-14 Nov, Gold Coast, Australia



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Speaking, PD Sessions and Other Services
Tony Buzan

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