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The 11TH annual Australian Open Memory Championship
powered by life’sDHA™


Memory Athletes from Australia, Philippines, Japan, and Hong Kong participated in the 2013 Australian Open Memory Championship in Melbourne on 24-25th August 2013, at Oaks on Collins, 480 Collins St, Melbourne CBD, Victoria


The event is organised and convened by Jennifer Goddard, member of the World Memory Sports Council and Deputy Chief Arbiter at the World Memory Championships, being held in London starting 30 November 2013.

Watch this video on the 2012 Australian Open Memory Championship on Youtube.



Thanks to the great sponsors of the
2013 Australian Open Memory Championship

For the second consecutive year life’sDHA™ has been named the title sponsor of the Australian Memory Championship.

life’sDHA is a vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 – an important nutrient that helps to support brain and eye health at all stages of life.

life’sDHA can be found in more than 500 food, beverage and supplement products throughout the world. In Australia, life’sDHA can be found in Swisse Ultiboost® Plant Omega and Bioceuticals™ Ultra Clean Algal DHA dietary supplements.

To learn more about life’sDHA go to our page on Brain Health
and visit www.lifesdha.com.au.



Mindwerx International started the Buzan Centre in Australia and New Zealand in 2000, and has organised the Australian Memory Championship since 2001.  With each event, Mindwerx is the key organiser and any questions on the competition can be directed to info@mindwerx.com


Oaks on Collins is offering AOMC organizers, competitors and guests a special rate on rooms for the competition. 

eMail Jess Wigans at VICGroups@theoaksgroup.com.au and she will organize things for you.


Thanks to all our great sponsors, and if you would also like to support the sport of Memory in Australia or on the World stage email us anytime - jennifer@mindwerx.com


Current world ranking of top 13 Australian competitors (as at 1st July 2013, based on World Rankings of 1600 competitors)

1. 84 Simon Orton
2. 166 Tansel Ali
3. 186 Nathan Walk
4. 295 Metin Hassan
5. 305 Russell Bauer
6. 314 Justin Hartley
7. 328 Chris Lyons
8. 325 Daniel Kilov
9. 411 Simon Chalmers
10. 414 Nathan Companez
11. 433 Shani Flynn
12. 525 Chad Sidler
13. 532 Danielle Kung

This year's participants will be advised shortly, but here's a shot of the 2012 competitors.


2012 Australian Open Memory Championship competitors

Those who compete in a National Championship may be eligible to participate in the World Memory Championships www.worldmemorychampionships.com which will be held in London, starting on 30 November 2013.

Jennifer is Convenor of the Australian competition, Senior Arbiter at the World Memory Championships and  Member of the World Memory Sports Council. 

As Deputy Chief Statistician, Jennifer manages the World Memory Statistics

If you would like to talk to Jennifer about the competitions email her anytime. 


The whole 2012 Australian Open Memory Championship Team


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Age Proof Your Brain Tour - Australia Feb 2008

Watch the Slide Show

read more www.ageproofyourbrain.com


World Mind Mapping Conference - Singapore 14-15 Nov, 2007


Watch the Slide Show of World's Largest Mind Map and the Global Mind Map Conference - Featuring Tony Buzan, Jennifer Goddard, Henry Toi, Jorge Castaneda, Hilde Jaspaert, Dr. Kirpal Singh, Dr. William Tan and many more.

Slides for Jennifer's Keynote and Break-out session handouts also available

The World's Largest Mind Map - Putting Singapore on the Map

The creation of the World's Largest Mind Map, which depicts Singapore's history, pays tribute to Singapore's success as well as the powers and wonders of the Mind. Launched by Tony Buzan, Henry Toi and KC Lee CEO, Singapore Institute of Management, more than 1600 school children were involved in the creation of this truly fabulous Mind Map.

















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