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Tony Buzan on Key Words in Mind Mapping

In this fascinating interview Tony Buzan and Bill Jarrard discuss the use and development of effective Key Words within Mind Maps. Essentially Key Words should act as memory triggers that embody the principles of Recall During Learning when the Mind Map is used for note taking.

In note making, Key Words spark creativity and the bloom and flow of thinking. Buzan Licensed Instructors will get some particularly good tips from this discussion, as will anyone seeking to make their Mind Maps more effective.

To see some great examples of Mind Maps and key words check out the Mindwerx Mind Exchange Mind Map Gallery

Listen to this excellent online interview with Tony Buzan about Mind Maps.

The Swiss Army Knife for the Brain - Mind Mapping with Tony Buzan

Host: Eric Olsen - on his regular segment called Business Matters

Duration: 60 minutes

Tony Buzan discusses the importance of BLI CVs

Buzan Licensed Instructors (BLI's) are accredited presenters of Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping programs and a growing community of people passionate about learning, thinking and creativity.  In this discussion Tony is speaking to BLI's and encouraging them to submit their CVs and personal Mind Map to the Buzan World website. 


Tony Buzan on Mind Maps in Business – Confidential Message to BLI's worldwide.

In an exciting project Tony Buzan is seeking the help and input from BLI's from around the world.   

Mental Literacy in Malaysia and Australia (13 mins)

Jennifer Goddard gets an update from Tony Buzan on the development of mental literacy in Malaysia, and Tony in turn asks Jennifer about the latest developments in Australia. Hear how Mind Mapping, Brain Skills and Grass Roots Leadership is developing in Malaysia from the highest levels of government to the education system.

Jennifer tells Tony how Buzan blended programs are a big hit with Chartered Accountants and updates him on the progress of Mind Mapping in schools. To learn more about Buzan programs in Australia continue to explore this website, and if you are interested in learning to Mind Map and attending the next open program  – e-mail Info@buzan.com.au

Exploring the Power of Memory Champions (18 mins)

Jennifer Goddard and Tony Buzan discuss the origin, purpose and goals of the World and National Memory Championships which Tony started in 1991, and are now run in dozens of countries around the world. They also outline some of the events from speed cards to names and faces, and make the connection between memory skills and the value to every person seeking to be more successful.

For information on the World Memory Championships go to www.worldmemorychampionships.com.

The 2010 Australian Memory Championship will be held on the Gold Coast some time around July. For information on entering, sponsoring or attending this event, e-mail Jennifer@buzan.com.au.

Memory & Memorability with Jennifer Goddard (40 mins)

Listen to Jennifer’s presentation to the National Speakers Association Australia Annual Conference on Memory and how to be a more Memorable speaker. Using the principles that create memory champions, anyone can both develop a better memory and become more memorable to those they meet and interact with. And that means they can be more successful!

To see how Jennifer can add memorable value to your next conference see her Speaker Profile.

Success as a Buzan Licensed Instructor (13 mins)

In this interview, Bill Jarrard and Tony Buzan discuss the secrets to becoming a successful Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI). The interview was intended to be a simple message to current and in-training BLI's in their support of Global Mental Literacy. But as often happens when Tony and Bill are chatting, they ended up sharing insights that could apply to anyone seeking to be more successful in a rapidly changing world. Hear how learning about managing the manager of knowledge (the brain) can make everyone successful in whatever they do.

Get more information on our Instructor Programs.

Mind Mapping with a Computer (8 mins)

Computer Mind Mapping has finally reached a level that almost matches the power of hand Mind Mapping. In this interview Bill Jarrard and Tony Buzan talk about the evolution of Mind Mapping software, which has culminated in the incredible beautiful and powerful iMindMap.

Download a Trial Version of iMindMap now.

Australia’s Memory Maven Talking Business on Radio Q (10.56 mins)

In this Qantas in flight program Peter Switzer interviews Jennifer Goddard, Master Trainer at the Buzan Centre:Aust/NZ. They discuss Mind Mapping, memory, creativity and how to age proof your brain.

The Language Learning Revolution (17.32 mins)

The United Nations has declared 2008 the International Year of Languages. In this interview Bill Jarrard discusses with Tony Buzan the background to his new Language Learning Revolution series. 

Hear how Tony became involved with using Mind Maps to quickly and brilliantly learn a new language just as a baby learns, and the lessons he learnt working with teachers and children in Mexico.

Download PDF transcript for this interview

Mental Literacy in Mexico (15.55 mins)

In this discussion Tony Buzan talks about the fantastic work being done by the Buzan Centre Latin America to make Mental Literacy and Mind Maps a central focus for learning in the Mexican education system and government.

Tony tells us how the Mexican government won the election and retained power using Mind Maps. There are some great lessons here for governments around the world, including Australia, on how to make innovation a key ingredient for success on every level.

Tony Buzan’s Insights on the American Creativity Association conference
(12 mins)

In late February 2008 Tony Buzan delivered the opening plenary address of the American Creativity Association (ACA) conference in Singapore. 

In this interview with Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard, Tony reflects on some of the key aspects of the conference, at which he received the ACA Lifetime Achievement Award for services to Creativity.


Tony Buzan’s truncated lunchtime address to the ACA Conference, Singapore (14 mins)
In a great example of the effectiveness of Mind Maps to allow rapid adjustments to change, this is a recording of Tony Buzan’s lunchtime talk to the American Creativity Association conference in Singapore.  Originally planned as a 55 minute presentation, time slippages meant Tony had to shorten his talk considerably, which of course he did with ease.


Jennifer Goddard talking to Hughesy & Kate at Nova FM Radio Station, Melbourne (9.26 mins)

Hughesy & Kate interview Jennifer Goddard about memory and remembering Names & Faces. Hear how they set her up to remember staff as she walked in the door.


You can now listen to Tim Turner’s in-depth chat with Tony Buzan recorded early Feb 08. Tim asked Tony Buzan a range of interesting questions in the lead up to his Australian tour.

Go to www.asktonybuzan.com.au  to hear this fascinating discussion and download the worksheets. EXPIRED




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